Balance is when different elements are equal or in the correct proportions, harmony, stability. The harmony and the right balance was in the heart of creating the great masterpieces of Ancient Greek culture, the Rome frescoes, the Renaissance powerful compositions.

Fragile balance is  a balance able to be broken easily, in a weakened state.The balance is harmony and perfection.Fragility inserts disproportion, weakness, instability, diversity, unexpected turns, fear, bravity.

When I use paper I take the shortcut to tell a story. My drawings, collages and cut-outs have been created everyday, responding spontaneously to current events, my emotional ups and downs, other stories. My interest in the figurative has been leading me to explore different perspectives of what the human body may go through to survive. I see the figure as a walking avatar of various stories and narratives.


Every Body Tells a Story – series of works on paper, painted cut-outs, water based paint, pen, graphite



Wecallithome_watebasedmediaand pencilpaintedcutoutscollage_59x65x0.5_2015

The story -interrupted – series of work containing The dialogue, St.Sebastian, Jump, We call it home – collage, masking tape, painted cut-outs, paper and water based paint

Leda, 2021, from the Cicle of Life
Short stories about the servival, 2020

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